Friday, April 26, 2019

Minisode: Finally Some Action Theme Debut

Fittingly, JBRH episode 13 has run into technical issues. Guest Ed Hunt and I attempted recording several times to no avail. While I am working on the bts issues there, I am dropping this "minisode" because I am so excited to unveil the fantastic new podcast theme song from Finally Some Action that I can't hold it back any longer. I hope you enjoy it, along with updates on a few projects I am working on. The Ed Hunt episode will be out soon. But for NOW...

Finally Some Action just released their first EP 'Circuits of  Time' which can be purchased and downloaded at their Bandcamp site HERE. I also ordered the physical version, which comes in the form of a great looking cassette tape in packaging to make it look like an old VHS tape.

If you are fan of synthwave, you will adore what they are doing. I hope the theme song here gives you enough of a taste to head over to their page and order up some great new music from Dustin and Nalani!


Finally Some Action Bandcamp site