Saturday, December 10, 2016

Episode 7: Fred Olen Ray

From horror and sci-fi to family fare and beyond, director/producer Fred Olen Ray has done it all. Second only to the likes of Roger Corman, Fred's roster of films and television programs numbers in the hundreds, including notables HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, SCALPS, ARMED RESPONSE, JACK-O, ALIEN DEAD, DIREWOLF, and BIKINI DRIVE-IN. He has kick started, and given new life to, countless careers, has a diverse background outside of film that includes professional wrestling, and is one of the greatest storytellers in cinema. 

In this in-depth, fascinating conversation we get into his youth, earliest forays into cinema, a number of his key productions, and dig deep on the production process and film business. We touch on his time as tag team partner with hardcore wrestling icon Terry Funk, his mysterious partnering with Donald Jackson, and helping foster his son Chris Ray from tiny alien to SyFy channel monster movie mainstay. As much a lesson for young filmmakers as it is an entertaining talk about the business, this is a conversation not to be missed!

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