Monday, December 10, 2018

Episode 8: Alan Howarth

Composer, sound designer, and engineer Alan Howarth is one of the most well traveled, influential, and work-diverse people in cinema today. From creating the sound of the Enterprise in STAR WARS to composing and engineering with John Carpenter on a long list of genre defining films including ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE THING, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, and CHRISTINE, then on to the HALLOWEEN franchise and beyond, Howarth has charted a unique path in entertainment. For this return episode of the Radio Hour Podcast, Alan dives in on his background in bands, relationship with Carpenter, and dizzying variety of progressive audio video projects he is involved with today.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Episode 7: Fred Olen Ray

From horror and sci-fi to family fare and beyond, director/producer Fred Olen Ray has done it all. Second only to the likes of Roger Corman, Fred's roster of films and television programs numbers in the hundreds, including notables HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, SCALPS, ARMED RESPONSE, JACK-O, ALIEN DEAD, DIREWOLF, and BIKINI DRIVE-IN. He has kick started, and given new life to, countless careers, has a diverse background outside of film that includes professional wrestling, and is one of the greatest storytellers in cinema. 

In this in-depth, fascinating conversation we get into his youth, earliest forays into cinema, a number of his key productions, and dig deep on the production process and film business. We touch on his time as tag team partner with hardcore wrestling icon Terry Funk, his mysterious partnering with Donald Jackson, and helping foster his son Chris Ray from tiny alien to SyFy channel monster movie mainstay. As much a lesson for young filmmakers as it is an entertaining talk about the business, this is a conversation not to be missed!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Episode 6: Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff is one of the most diverse actors in entertainment, with over 100 film and television credits to his name, including LOST, THE STRAIN, TOY SOLDIERS, FAUST, AIR FORCE ONE, ANOTHER 48 HOURS, A-TEAM, and MATLOCK. Horror fans will undoubtedly know him from his iconic turn as the Djinn in WISHMASTER, and Danson in GRAVEYARD SHIFT.

In addition to film and television, he has taken his signature voice to the world of gaming, featured in CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 1 and 2, as well as COMMAND AND CONQUER: RED ALERT 3. In 2012 he narrated my HALLOWEEN documentary YOU CAN'T KILL THE BOGEYMAN, which had a nationwide theatrical run, and most recently he starred in BAD ASS 2: BAD ASSES. On top of all of that, Divoff is an avid animal lover, a philanthropist, and now has his own signature line of award winning beer. Our fascinating conversation is not to be missed.


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Friday, September 2, 2016

Episode 5: Amy Steel

Amy Steel is one of the most beloved faces in genre cinema due to her performance as "Ginny" in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2. Her turns in APRIL FOOL'S DAY, THE POWERS OF MATTHEW STARR, FOR LOVE AND HONOR, and the F13 documentary CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES continue to introduce her to generations, and on this episode of the JBRH, she sits down for a rare, expansive exploration of her personal and professional adventures.

We get into her roots in theater, an unexpected modeling career, kissing Mel Gibson, the intensity of Oliver Stone, the incredible world of F13 fans, the acting experience, and how she has finally found her groove in couples counseling. A charming, down to earth chat horror fans won't want to miss.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Episode 4: Irwin Yablans

Irwin Yablans produced the first three HALLOWEEN films as well as a number of notable genre titles including TOURIST TRAP and HELL NIGHT. The original concept for HALLOWEEN was his, and despite playing such a key role in the legacy of this durable series of films, he has largely existed in the shadows behind the scenes. Until now.

In our exhaustive conversation we cover it all, digging deep on HALLOWEEN and the diverse roll of pictures he has produced and/or contributed to with his writing. It is a fascinating conversation full of revelations. The first of many HALLOWEEN series guests.

Intro focuses on my new gig on staff at the Official KISS Magazine.


Irwin Yablans on IMDB

"The Man Who Created Halloween" on Amazon

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Episode 3: Trick Or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios owns the Halloween mask market, and with the season creeping up on us the timing couldn't be better to call in company president (and Macho Man impression maestro) Chris Zephro and master sculptor Justin Mabry to talk shop. Their lineup of licenses is mind boggling, including HALLOWEEN, GAME OF THRONES, WALKING DEAD, ALICE COOPER, ROB ZOMBIE, SAW, CHILD'S PLAY, JAWS, and BELA LUGOSI.

Chris and Justin make a MAJOR LICENSE ANNOUNCEMENT that will make HALLOWEEN fans swoon, and we've got the exclusive! We talk about the fascinating process of design and manufacturing, share October memories, get into their adventures working with celebrities and studios, and discuss products in queue for the future. It is a packed episode that will put you in an autumnal mood.

Intro is about how openness to new things is what led us all to what we love.


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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Episode 2: Anthony C Ferrante

Anthony C. Ferrante is director of the enduring SHARKNADO franchise, the fourth entry of which lands on Syfy this Sunday, July 31st. He has deep roots in the horror genre, coming from years with Fangoria magazine and a long history in indie cinema (BOO, VIDEO DEAD, THE DENTIST films, WISHMASTER 2, HEADLESS HORSEMAN, etc). Recently Anthony has dipped into the world of music videos and commercials. Ferrante joins me for an in depth conversation on his finned franchise and his adventures in no budget filmmaking. In addition to premiering Sharknado Rhapsody, the new song he and Robbie Rist wrote for S4, we dig into the recently announced new entry in the HALLOWEEN franchise. **

Intro focuses on my upcoming short film ONLY DREAM OF ME.


Anthony on IMDB

Anthony on Facebook

SHARKNADO on Facebook

** Anthony was having some phone issues during the conversation, so there are a few sound abnormalities.